Area Map Animation

Posted by James Watson on 07 Nov, 2019

The area page now incorporates an animation feature that cycles through the hours of the day at one-hour intervals. Animations may be run in fullscreen mode to provide a constantly updating display. Click the blue 'play' button below the map to start an animation. Clicking the same button will pause the animation. The 'step forward/back' buttons can be used to step through the hours of the day, incrementing or decrementing the main UTC select field as required. The parameters input panel remains active during the animation and may be adjusted as the animation is running. A title block has been added to the map display to indicate pertinent input parameters.

The page makes use of session storage, a feature of HTML5, which caches results to reduce server load. If the animation does not appear to work correctly, a browser update may be required. I'll add a check to hide the animation button on unsupported browsers if this causes a problem for users.

The addition of animation has been one of the most requested features to the page, I hope it's been worth the wait.


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