FT8 and Google Maps

Posted by James Watson on 12 Feb, 2019

FT8 continues to grow in popularity so it seems only sensible to add a suitable preset to the list of Traffic Types. Selecting 'FT8' will set the SNRr to -3dB and the Bandwidth to 50Hz (Ref: Radio Communications, May 2018 pp. 26-28). Note that the digital features of ITURHFProp are not being used in this assessment although it is hoped to determine suitable values in the coming weeks.

Google announced last year that they will start charging for the use of the Map API above a usage threshold. It was always my intention that the site should be ad-free and free to use by any interested parties and while I'm happy to absorb server costs, paying for maps will stretch the funds a little. As the site continues to grow in popularity I'm approaching the threshold and have been looking at mapping alternatives of which leaflet.js, a free (open-sourced) mapping alternative, looks to be a clear favourite. One page will be ported at a time which may make the site's overall user interface look inconsistent during the transition period but will at least allow me to handle issues as they arise.


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