SWL/HFCC Database

Posted by James Watson on 28 Dec, 2018

I suspect that many hams got into the hobby via Shortwave Listening (SWLing). It's something that I keep coming back to, and I can't see myself ever parting with my AR7030. It's a side of the hobby that I'm returning to so I've added a page to the site to allow users to search the HFCC database http://www.hfcc.org/data/ of scheduled programmes.

The new page may is located at https://soundbytes.asia/testproppy/swl.

The map at the top of the page is used to display the receive site's location; this has no bearing on the search functionality but will have greater significance in later releases following the addition of some propagation prediction functionality. The 'Search Filters' panel includes filters for frequency, time, language and target CIRAF zones. These may be enabled/disabled using the checkbox at the right-hand side of each entry field.

The search button is used to initiate the search, the results of which are displayed in a table below the panel. The table includes a search facility to further refine the search along with the ability to re-order the results by clicking on the table headers. Results may be saved to file in either CSV (suitable for importing into Excel) or as a pdf document by selecting the required format at the bottom of the table and clicking the 'Save Table' button.

As ever, I'd be interested in comments and suggestions on the new page.


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