Type 14 Antennas

Posted by James Watson on 02 Sep, 2018

The ITURHFProp application has been updated and now accepts Type 14 antenna files, containing a table of antenna gain vs. the elevation angle and frequency. Unlike Type 13 antennas (already supported by ITUHFProp), they do not contain an index for azimuth so are only used to represent onmi-directional antennas, or, rotatable directional antennas on the assumption that when predictions are made the antennas are directed at the remote site. Proppy has been modified to offer type 14 antennas on the P2P and beacon pages (the planner page will follow soon). Further detail on Type 13 and 14 antenna models may be found at the voacap.com site.

I'd like to thank Jari Perkiömäki (OH6BG/OG6G) for permission to use the models that he created for the voacap.com website.


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