Surface Plots

Posted by James Watson on 02 Aug, 2016

enter image description here

The surface prediction type has been added to support the analysis of circuits over a period of time. Plots ranges are defined by the value of the '(System) Date' parameter and '(Plot) Depth'. A date value of Aug 2016 and a depth of 12 will produce a surface plot covering the period of Aug 2016 - July 2017. Depths extending beyond the range of available SSN values, will automatically be truncated to the end date of the available SSN values.

Reliability, SNR and Signal Strength surface plots require significantly more processing power to produce and will typically take around 15 seconds to produce. Stacked MUF plots should take around 5 seconds to produce.

All surface plots may be dragged / zoomed / rotated etc., allowing users to fully explore the dataset.


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