User Defined Bandwidth and SNR Values

Posted by James Watson on 02 Jun, 2018

The ITURHFProp application requires the input file to define the traffic type in terms of bandwidth (Hz) and SNR (dB). One of Proppy's design goals is to make the power of the ITURHFProp application accessible to users of all levels and I felt that bandwidth/SNR selection was best achieved by presenting bandwidth/SNR combinations as a series of presets. The values in the preset list were taken from ITU-R F.339-8 (Bandwidths, Signal-to-Noise Ratios and Fading Allowances in HF Fixed and Land Mobile Radiocommunication Systems).

However, one of the more frequent requests I receive is to allow users to enter customised SNR and Bandwidths. I've now implemented this in a way that (I hope) preserves the original user interface. Users wishing to specify custom values of bandwidth/SNR (e.g. in a bid to model WSPR or other modes not represented in the list of presets) can now select the 'User Defined' option. This will open up two dedicated input fields allowing entry of bandwidth (Hz, between 0.005 and 3000000.0) and SNR (dB, between -30.0 and 200.0).

As usual, I would welcome comments and suggestions on how the site can be improved further.


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