Saving Area Plots as a Google Static Map

Posted by James Watson on 10 May, 2018

I've added the option to export area plot images as a Google 'static map' as shown in the sample below;

Google Static map sample

This download option may be specified by selecting the 'Google' option from the drop down menu on the Area page, the default is 'SVG'.I feel that this is the most aesthetically pleasing of the options, but it does have a few limitations;,98.013&zoom=2&size=920x400&markers=color:red%7Clabel:T%7C20.4869,98.013&path=color:0x0b599bff%7Cweight:3%7C-3.1,75.0%7C-11.5,90.0%7C-10.9,105.0%7C0.0,118.7%7C3.0,120.0%7C15.0,127.5%7C30.0,126.0%7C36.4,120.0%7....

The majority of the URL defines the contours, the more contours there are and the more complex their shape, the longer the URL becomes. Google currently has an upper limit of 8192 characters for the URL. Maps that exceed this length will fail with a warning posted to the user. In this case, it may be possible to reduce the resolution (number of points), and hence the length of the URL, by re-running the prediction at a lower resolution.


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