Bootstrap 4 Has Arrived

Posted by James Watson on 09 Sep, 2017

After a couple of weeks of testing and final tweaks, the Bootstrap 4 version of the site is now up and running. This upgrade, while major, will have minimal effect on most users but should offer a better experience for mobile users and make the site easier to maintain and improve in the future.
Users running recent versions of any major browser should not have any problems, but support for older browsers has been dropped (i.e. IE9 and down is no longer supported). A large number of improvements have been made on the site, most notably to the 'planner' page a few bug fixes to the space weather page. The planner page now supports the ability to predict SNR and Field Strengths in addition to the BCR. The predictions can be selected from a range of colour maps, including 'VOACAP', emulating VOACAP's default colour scheme.

This update arrives days after the biggest HF balckout in a decade, details of which may be found on the spaceweather page.

The update has, however, come just before the next release of ITURHFProp, expected very shortly.


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