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Posted by James Watson on 11 May, 2017

I've just replaced the 'surface' page which wasn't getting many hits and a bit of a resource hog with a 'planner' page which may be used to produce multiple point-to-point predictions on a single (pdf) sheet.

Specify a Transmit location by dragging the red marker to the desired location. Specify the Receive location(s). Up to 12 receive locations may be defined, although readability of the chart decreases with the number of receive locations. Receive locations are displayed on the map and in the table below the map. Each Receive Location is identified by a unique identity and compries a label (optional) and latitude and longitude. One receive location (ID0) is created when the page opens. Additional locations may either created manually using the [Add Site] button at the foot of the table or by importing either a saved or preset list. Once created, receive locations may be moved by either dragging on the map or direct entry in the appropriate latitude / longitude fields.

Preset Lists

Preset lists contained a set of predefined locations, e.g. 'Worldwide', 'Europe' etc. These are selected using the drop down menu at the lower left of the table and clicking on the Load Preset button. Once loaded, the receive sites may be edited by either dragging the map markers or direct entry into the appropriate latitude / longitude fields.

Saved Lists

The contents of the table may be saved in the browser's localStorage for later retrieval. This requires browser support for localStorage; on unsupported browsers, the Load / Save buttons are not displayed. The Save button is used to save the current contents of the table to the browser's localStorage. The Load is used to retrieve the saved set of receive sites.

Click the Generate Plan button to generate the predictions. This can take up to 30 seconds if 12 sites have been specified. The link to the pdf will expire after one hour.

Additional details may be found in the manual


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