Recent Updates

Posted by James Watson on 06 Apr, 2017

A few notes to explain some recent updates…

I've had a few requests to change the default to traffic type to SSB. Rather then do this I've added a cookie to store a user's preferred traffic type between visits. All being well your last 'Traffic' preference should now be displayed on return visits.

The contents of Cookies used by a site may be readily examined in both Firefox and Chrome (and probably Internet Exporer / Safari) and any cookies may be deleted at any time. Cookies used by the site directly are not encrypted as I prefer to make it very clear exactly what information is being stored; for this reason, users are encouraged to use https when visiting the site. The cookies set by the Proppy application are designed to persist between sessions for up to six months but may be deleted by a user at any time.

In addition to the above cookies used directly by the Proppy application, the site makes use of the following cookies;

I've added a few lines of javascript to add 'Tx'/'Rx' labels to the map markers which should make them a little clearer.

Thanks are due to Jari Perkiömäki (OH6BG/OG6G) for the Finnish translation which is now available and probably responsible for the big surge in visitors from Finland over the last couple of days - Thanks Jari and everyone else who has shown an interest in the site.


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