Saving Area Plots

Posted by James Watson on 01 Apr, 2017

One thing missing from the area page was the ability to easily download prediction results; Google Maps v3 API does not support downloading a static image complete with data layer. In order to get around this limitation I've added a download button (to the left of the main 'Prediction' button) leveraging plotly's downloadImage() to save a copy of the results. Plotly maps do not support 'filled contours' so I've used the geoScatter plot type and supplied a sequence of contours. This does not seem to be supported fully on all browsers (e.g. IE11) - users accessing the site with a browser known to be unsupported will not see the download button.

Chrome 57 and Firefox 52 have both been tested (on Linux) and found to be fully functional. Best results have been obtained when saving to SVG. I'm continuing to improve the save function in order to improve the performance of the PNG and JPEG plots.

Please let me know if you're using a browser that's not working although I suspect that as I'm using a plotly function there is little I can about the issue other than add it to the list of unsupported browsers.

As usual, I would be very interested to hear back from anyone willing to help out with translation, around 20-30 minutes work. I'm hoping to have Arabic support enabled in the next couple of weeks (once some issues with the DatePicker have been resolved)

Update (3rd April): MS Edge has been added to the list of unsupported browsers.

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