DateTimePicker Behaviour

Posted by James Watson on 31 Jul, 2016

Area and Point-to-Point (P2P) type predictions are time sensitive and require DateTime values to be specified as input parameters;

Note: Year values are informative only; aside from being used to select the appropriate SSN value for the prediction, they have no direct bearing on the computed results.

Hour values must be specified as integers, e.g. predictions for 15:00UTC and 16:00UTC are supported but 15:30UTC are not.

When a user loads either the p2p or area prediction page, the DateTimePicker is initialised with the closest hour (UTC). Users navigating to the page at 15:15UTC and 15:45UTC should see the DateTimePicker set to 15:00UTC and 16:00UTC respectively, producing a prediction closest to the current time.

The value of the DateTimePicker is also used to define the day/night overlay which is not intended to provide a real time indicator of the terminator's position, simply the location of the terminator at the time of the prediction.

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