S-Meter Values

Posted by James Watson on 22 Feb, 2017

It's been a busy month and the number of users continues to rise. Following a couple of requests, I've modified the Point-to-point E-Field plots to display values in terms of S-Meter values. This change is also more consistent with the formats presented by the Area plot page.

The underlying calculations are unchanged, only the plotting has been modified to align the contour levels to the S-Meter levels. S1 corresponds to a received voltage of -14dBμV and increases in 6dB increments to S9 (34dBμV). Plotly currently only permits contours to be defined with equal step sizes so it's not possible to extend to the S9+10 values etc. The 'hover' panel at the top of the plot does however display values above S9. The e-field values predicted by ITURHFProp are also included in the hover panel details.

I hope this change goes down well with everyone.


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