Posted by James Watson on 06 Jan, 2017

I've just uploaded some updates to the P2P page; there are no major improvements in functionality but the underlying code and CSS has been tweaked to improve performance a little. This version makes it easier to switch between data sets as the server now returns data for all three data types (BCR, SNR & E) and selection is made at the client side. The server side computations take as long to determine one parameter as three so while transfer time has increased this is hopefully offset by some of the server-side improvements.

I'll be looking the feasibility of making similar changes on the area plotting page after finishing up on a side project to investigate the performance of R-REC-P.533-13 when applied to NVIS links.

As always, please feel free to contact me at the address at the foot of the page with suggestions and / or problems you're having with the site.

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